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SEO Roundup Post for February

I realized that we haven't created a roundup post in a while, in fact it has been since September! So, I wanted to compile a list of some of the SEO posts from around the web that I have read this month. This list includes posts from some of the biggest SEO authorities, a few SEO companies, as well as a couple of young guns in affiliate marketing.

Grouped by the source of the post, but listed in no particular order, here is our SEO roundup of February posts. Enjoy!

Posts From the SEO Authorities

Want to boost your rankings without investing in content marketing? Watch Rand’s video.

Rand Fishkin from Moz hit the nail on the head in his White Board Friday video. His message particularly struck home with me because we recently have been making a lot of changes to our website, we basically performed the exact 6 steps to improve rankings without investing in content marketing that Rand discusses in his video. Then not long after we completed our work, Rand created this great video going over a lot of what we did to our website! We are already seeing results and literally seeing improved rankings on a daily basis, but keep in mind that the benefit from applying these 6 steps isn’t always immediate.

Still want to boost rankings? Here is another list of ways to improve your search rankings by Neil Patel from Quicksprout.

If you don’t mind adding another blog to your reading list then check out Quicksprout for some really insightful posts on SEO and traffic generation in general. In this post Neil shares 7 ways to recover dropped rankings. In reality these 7 methods will help you improve your rankings regardless of whether or not they dropped. These are just great pieces of SEO advice for better rankings.

Trying to decipher Internet Marketing jargon, then checkout SearchEngineJournal’s post.

Bill Belew wrote an article for SearchEngineJournal that is good for business owners who feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the industry jargon that gets kicked around. Industry terms such as “online marketing”, “inbound marketing”, “social media marketing”, and “content marketing”. His post aims to go over each of these terms and explain their differences.

Bing makes updates to search results to improve for tax season, by SearchEngineLand.

As a former tax consultant, I found this post from SearchEngineLand rather interesting. The article discusses the changes that Bing is making to its search results to prepare improved search results for an increased search volume around tax related search terms between January and April. Whether or not you appreciate taxes, there is some good discussion about relevancy and search results that anyone may find interesting.

Ready to start measuring the benefit from your marketing efforts? Read SEOBook’s post.

SEOBook published a terrific post on measuring the business benefit from your SEO and online marketing efforts. After Matt Cutts’ announcement that guest blogging is a bad link building practice, SEOBook decided to put together a post about measuring the benefit from your efforts in an attempt to lead people away from employing specific SEO tactics and instead creating online marketing strategies.

Did you move your penalized website to a fresh domain? Think twice, and read SERoundtables post.

SERoundtable pointed out an important piece of info about Google penalties. They shared a video of Google employee John Mueller who states that simply moving your website to a new domain, to rid the site of a penalty, may not work. Google has always followed 301 redirects from penalized domains, and penalized the referred domain as well, but John says that even without the 301 redirects Google may penalize the new domain hosting the website.

Posts From Other SEO Companies

Like Sports & Internet Marketing? You will like UpCity's post.

UpCity published an interesting post about 25 major sports brands that are leveraging mobile apps and social media for their online marketing campaigns. It is pretty cool to see what the major professional sporting franchises are doing for their internet marketing campaigns.

Looking for ways to increase laser targeted traffic?Alex Chris wrote a post for you.

Alex Chris from published an informative post that goes over a variety of ways to increase targeted search traffic. So, if you are looking for traffic generation ideas and methods covering everything from social media, search engines, and even blogging then checkout Alex Chris’ post.

Don’t make these cross social platform posting mistakes that Matt McGee shares.

It can be challenging for companies to manage multiple social media accounts. Unfortunately businesses get caught cutting shortcuts trying to manage multiple platforms. In this post, Matt McGee points out some common cross posting social network errors.

Posts from the Affiliate Marketers

GodOfSEO exposes a couple of big UK brands spamming the web with backlinks.

Charles Floate, a young UK based SEO, wrote an insightful post on his blog, GodofSEO, titled “More Big Brands Manipulating Search.” In his post he sought out to expose more websites, like Expedia, that have been known to manipulate search engine rankings. So, he dug into the backlink profiles of a few major UK brands to find out that they were employing some aggressive link building tactics to manipulate their Google search rankings.

Looking to speed up your website? Matthew Woodward wrote a CDN guide to help.

Matthew is another affiliate marketer who talks quite a bit about SEO. He makes a good point in his guide that often times SEOs forget about user experience (UX) as they are focused on content creation and link building. By improving your website’s UX you can actually see increases in search rankings from a number of indirect and some direct factors. If you want to optimize your website for improved SEO and conversions, then checkout Matt’s guide to using MaxCDN to drastically improve your website speed by using a content delivery network.

Posts From Us!

I guess while I am at it I can mention that we ramped up our blogging in February. A couple of the more popular posts we published this month have been:

Hope you guys and gals enjoyed this month’s roundup. I tried to share articles on SEO related topics that may be of interest to our readers. I am sure each of you may have something particular in mind that you are looking for. So, please leave a comment and let me know what types of posts you’d like to see in the next round up. Heck, you can even let me know what SEO questions or topics you would like for me to answer and write about here on our blog!

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